I have a variety of projects going on at the moment, most of which you can actively track on GitLab.

  1. IP-Tracker

    The purpose of the software is to check the current IP address of the network it is on and record it. In the event that the address changes, the program will send an email out to inform the server owner of the change. If NextCloud is run on the server, the config file will automatically be updated to allow access from the new address. This software is also capable of tracking local IP addresses, but this has been specialized for Raspberry Pis running Raspian. In order to run this software, the system will need at least python 3.4 installed. You will also need to install git on the system to ensure that the scripts run properly. IP-Tracker was designed in a way that if you have python 3, pip3, and git installed, you should need no additional packages for it to run properly.