I have been working on various research projects since 2016. Through my research, I have gained valuable experience in networking, wireless sensor networks, virtual machines, and IoT. My fields of interest are IoT, embedded systems, and wireless sensor networks. Below you can explore my past and ongoing research projects.

  1. Flood Detection Using IoT Based Wireless Sensor Network, funded by NASA West Virginia Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Fellowship

    Abstract: Flash flooding is a very sudden and destructive natural disaster. Per the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in the United States the national 30-year average for flood deaths is 127 a year. In this paper, I will propose improvements that build upon a system that enabled the creation of a cheap and effective wireless sensor platforms that provide real time data on the current state of a body of a rising body of water and serves as an early warning system for flooding. Through these improvements, the longevity of the system and the effective range of the network will be drastically improved, resulting in sensor network that is completely autonomous and sustainable.